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hi i’m alexandra cownie, french home-cook, former ballerina and author of 100 healthy snacks. If you love eating tasty food but don t want to spend the rest of your life wondering if carrot sticks are the only healthy snack you can eat

then you’re about to discover how you can use the basics of traditional french cooking to create snacks in minutes that taste fantastic and keep you healthy at the same time

it takes a lot of time to share them one at the time, so i ve finally taken the time to write down my 100 most loved and easy to prepare healthy snack recipes and put them together for you

but you d agree that tasty food isn t enough so let me tell you something yes, you can find lots of recipes on the internet for free there are lots of them out there. However, it s really tough to know which ones are actually tasty, which ones are well proportioned and most importantly which ones are actually good for you

so i went out of my way to bring to you australia s top nutritionist sally boyer is a certified nutritionist, expert in weight-loss and athletes diets. She also happens to be the wife of derek boyer, australia s strongest man undefeated for over 15 years. Guess who is responsible for keeping him fit and healthy?

on top of that she is a renowned wholefood cook here on the gold coast, australia. I knew that she was the person i needed to meet to make sure that i give you guaranteed healthy recipes.

sally very excitedly reviewe…read more detail

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