99 fried rice recipe | easy and simple chicken, chinese, shrimp, egg, vegetable fried rice recipe

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are you tired of cooking the “same ol’, same ol'” dinners foryour family meals? in the 99 best fried rice recipes book, you don’t just get the world’s best fried rice recipes. You get 99 options for adding a delicious spice to any meal.

practically everyone who loves rice loves fried rice even more. This delectable dish has become a worldwide phenomenon, most everyoneenjoys it. But making high quality fried rice dishes in your own kitchen can sometimes be tricky–you have to get the right blend of spices, vegetables, and other delicious additives to get that authentic eastern flavor. But now, we’ve made making fried rice easy and fun

re: 99 ways to spice up dinner tonight. It’s the number one question asked in the late afternoons when your family comes home. The last thing you want to hear when you answer is, “aww not again ” the painful truth is that it’s not easy to make original meals to satisfy all of your family’s diverse tastes. Your kids hate broccoli… Your spouse loathes the texture of chicken… And you can’t stand red sauce.

and if you are the “in-house chef” of your household, cooking every night can be very stressful. What if you had 99 options for making a “family favorite” out of any meal? imagine cheering as a response when you tell your kids what’s for dinner… Imagine hearing “smells good ” as your spouse walks in the door, every night… Imagine never worrying again about “what’s for dinner,” because you know you always have an easy, …read more detail

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