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testimonial: the following is an excerpt from an email written to tony, creator of the acting career quick start home-study course by brent bauer, one of the very first students in the program.

"hey tony, well this week has been amazing for me sunday, i filmed my first fight scene in an independent movie i ve been working on. It was a sword fight which went really well; nobody got hurt, and i was able to see some of the raw footage which looked great. Monday, i got a callback for a commercial i auditioned for last month. The callback was wednesday which went very well. I also just got a role for a part in a web series for sunday. And i m going to be submitting my information for a part on a show on a local network. This sunday, i m going to be filming for a web series, then an audition, and then filming for the movie.

it s been awesome also, i am preparing for my first mailing, which will be sent in two weeks. Earlier today, i wrote my cover letter for the mailings. I wrote one specifically to one of the casting directors i will send to (i ll do minor tweaking depending on who i m sending to, just as you talk about in the course).

i was wondering could you read the cover letter and let me know what you think? i just want to make sure it s good to go. I made sure to do my research on the casting director like y…read more detail

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