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ready for an endless rush of barbecue championship trophies? stop what you’re doing and listen very closely… … Because everything you’ve been told about championship barbecue recipes is about to be proven wrong…

… Dead wrong. You probably don’t believe that right now, and that’s fine. In just a moment you’ll see completely and utterly undeniable proof .

i didn’t use old family secrets , bribe the judges, have inside connections, or use the techniques everyone else is talking about i use real tactics that real champions use and i win practically every time

and i’m going to show you how easily i do it… A ‘teenage kid’ with no prior skills or experience applied the same secrets i’m about to reveal to you and went on to win 5 first place trophies and 2 second place trophies his first year

and once you download my book your mind will do flips at the things you never knew about real competition barbecue recipes, you will kick yourself in the butt for using your old basic methods all of these years and grilling average barbecue

if you’re ‘trying’ to make championship quality barbecue… Grass-root, beginner, intermediate or advanced … Throw away all those old basic cookbooks you’ve bought over the years and read very carefully. I can’t help you if you want the latest fad tips.

but what i can do for you today is … Reveal a system in ‘absolute’ detail, … That once you apply, you will never go back to the traditional ways of gri…read more detail

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