Basic rock guitar lessons

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having videos and material covering real life rock guitar topics that you can take and apply today opened for national bands guitar players that work with me to constantly create our professional guitar lesson material hinder saving abel powerman 5000 candlebox alterbridge theory of a deadman ra adema the misfits nonpoint tantric greenjello and more… I have worked with and created guitar curriculums for some of the largest music distributors i.e. Played in numerous signed touring bands as mentioned above and one of my newest adventure is with an up and coming signed band still well angel . The best benefit of the beginner rock guitar method is that you are receiving two different approaches to learning the guitar. 1. The “ self taught method ” which i bring to the table. 2. And the “ step by step module system ” which myself and pro-guitar teachers have spent years crafting you are getting the best of both worlds. Let me teach you what has worked for me over the years , along with a strong, solid guitar foundation that my pro teachers put together along with me. You would not believe the useless material i scrapped, why? because it’s not needed or used in real life playing situations and consumes your time from learning material you can apply i.e. Learning songs, chords, scales, solos, tricks of the trade etc… This is a point a to point b course. Zero fluff don’t be part of the waiting list join today click here … when you finish…read more detail

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