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diet and nutrition for pancreatitis plus cooking hints and recipes to keep pancreatitis under control

if you control your diet, do you control your pancreatitis? now, you can manage your pancreatitis with easy to follow cooking hints and recipes specifically for people with pancreatitis.

meal times were always difficult for my father. When we discovered he had pancreatitis we found out why the pancreatitis diet is so important

for as long as i can remember my father suffered from continuous bouts of pain especially around meal times. I have an enduring picture of him seated at the kitchen table bent over with elbows on the table and hands shielding his eyes. What’s the matter, dad? i would say. Oh, it’s just heartburn he’d say. Or hiccups , or in later years, my ulcer s playing up or my hiatal hernia’s giving me curry

the pains seemed to strike more and more often and the doctors always seemed to come up with some explanation for the cause. He’d been given the run down it’s heartburn. Go home and take a couple of paracetemol for the pain . So off he’d go and take the aspirin, or mylanta, or some other drug that seemed to have little overall effect whatsoever.

you see my dad, les, had a history of gastro-intestinal ailments and had been prescribed a load of different drugs over the years, none of which seemed to fully fix his problems. Among other things, he’d been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer, hiatus hernia, appendicitis and…read more detail