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do you know how to add that specialwinning “spice” to your personality ? do you know the secret signal that makes the judges believe that you deserve to win? do you knowthe most important thing to remember when choosing your talent competition ? the first thing i tell them is not to worry…they (or their child) don’t need to have lots of experience to do well in pageants. I then go through an overview of the beauty pageant industry and offer them all sorts of tips and strategies to give them confidence and an edge over their competition. After our meetings, i would often hear something to the effect of:

so finally after 10 years in thebusiness i decided to do just that after months of working on it, the result is what i have called “the beauty pageant success system” . It’s a home study guide designed primarily for “regular people” with little or no experience with beauty pageants , that helps them get up to speed fast.

written in plain, easy-to-understand english and easy to follow instructions my guide shows you everything you need to know to easily stand out in the competition and make a remarkable impression on the judges . I start the guide by giving an overview of the beauty pageant industry, then i teach youall of the basics… How to dress, how to wear your hair, what never to do, how to improve your modeling, how to capitalize on the talent portion of the event, answers that impress judges and much much more. It’s extremely user-friendly. All of the in…read more detail

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