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the true art of paleo entertaining is creating a delicious and satisfying menu that will also promote good health. In gather, the art of paleo entertaining , hayley and bill show you how to orchestrate the perfect dinner party whether you are planning an elegant holiday feast or hosting a casual brunch with friends.

gather is widely regarded as the first coffee table book in the paleo world. With its glossy photos, delicious recipes, and gorgeous spreads this book takes paleo dining to an aspirational level.

it can be pretty overwhelming to make a significant lifestyle change. For most people who take on the paleo diet, their biggest concern is the question of what will i eat? even when you understand which foods you can enjoy, and which foods you should avoid, the task of actually planning, shopping for, and cooking your meals can still be very confronting. To streamline this aspect of committing to eating paleo, bill and hayley have created the 30 day guide to paleo cooking . In this book, bill and hayley guide you step-by-step through your first month of following the paleo diet. They cover everything you need to know to have a basic understanding of why this way of eating is perfect for optimal health. We are all designed to be fit, healthy and happy people, and following the paleo diet is a solid foundation for a happy, healthy life.

adapted from chinese, french, mexican and classic american meals, the over 200 mouthwatering recipes are each ac…read more detail

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