Cake decorating magic

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expose the secrets that will get you making the creative cakes that you have always wanted. Just fill in your name and email address to expose the proven steps for creating beautiful cake creation

who needs a professional cake decorator when you can create cakes that are just as good for a fraction of the cost?

t doesn’t matter if you want to start a cake decorating business or simply create beautiful cakes as a hobby, cake decorating magic will teach you step by step everything you need to know to get started. Cake decorating magic is about teaching you how to create cakes that look and taste professionally done.

tell me, if this sounds like you? you are baking a cake mixing the icing together making it the color you want then wondering where should i start? so you start sketching out the design on paper it starts looking beautiful on paper but then reality sets in how do i make that flower, or the paste?

well it was easier on paper, but not as easy as you think when doing the actual design. After that you look online for different techniques by googling it still looks easy in the "partial instructions" but doesn’t give you exactly what you need. Hours later your stuck with stiff icing. This is a common problem for newbie cake decorators.

there are specific little "tricks of the trade" that all baker use when decorating cakes. You’ll never read about these online, these are trade secrets… Until now

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