Cake decorating secrets

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by: john ellermore friday evening: 7:00 pm my wife sue didn’t want me to write this. She begged me not to tell anyone. She said it would ruin her reputation. You see, sue thinks she is the world’s greatest cake decorator. Whenever people tell us how georgeous her cakes and pastries are, sue likes to brag that she just has a natural flair.

but sue isn’t a cake decorating expert. Not even close. She’s a retired dressmaker. That’s what it had come to. Sure everything started out great – sue had a great time buying all the ingredients, designing the stencils, and getting everything ready for her masterpiece cakes. But all that excitement came to an end when her cakes didn’t turn out quite the way she had planned.

they sagged in the middle, the icing would droop on one side, and her lettering was basically smudged all over the top of the cake.

i think sue was more frustrated with the taste than anything else – she said it was worse than soggy bread.

you see, sue hates to admit that she was wrong, but one day she was so upset that she drove over to one of her friends house and just let it all out. She told her all the problems she was having decorating these cakes and how she was ready to just give up.

to sue’s suprise, her friend recommended a book. What’s more, she said that sue would start seeing better results immediately. Naturally sue was skeptical. She had read several recipe guides and cake decorating instruction books already… And they …read more detail

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