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want to learn how to write songs? want to improve your songwriting? not sure where to start? not sure which chord fits with another? well, the 300 chord progressions series of ebooks are here to help but you must act now (this is a time limited offer) the 300 chord progression ebooks have been created to help you write songs imagine – 300 essential song building blocks at your disposal whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out –

you can see how useful 300 chord progressions will be for you now you too can have the power to breathe life into old songs or just write new songs

you don’t have to be able read music you do need to know where the chords are on your instrument and what they are called 6 ebooks containing a total of 300 chord progressions 50 chord progressions in each ebook audio examples of each chord progression 300 chord progressions which can be used for guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin or whatever instrument you play if you can write a song on it, you can use these chord progressions

you won’t regret buying these easy to use chord progressions you will not only get the full set of 300 chord progressions ebooks, but we’ll also give you the following:

an easy to follow guide on how to write a song from scratch – using the chord progressions – written by ian jon ellis

an easy to use transposition chart so you can transpose the chord progressions into any key you like this is how the ebooks are set out and it just …read more detail

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