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do you wish you could find short, meaningful christian skits that have a strong christian message & that are actually entertaining ?

if so, you must read this now are you searching for christian plays and skits, but you just can’t find what you’re looking for? did you know that over 80% of people looking for christian skits and plays on the internet, end up frustrated and annoyed from wasting time and money on skits that simply don’t work and when they do find a skit that fits what they are looking for, it’s usually badly written with cheazy dialogue and just too long and complex

now, because you are here right now, youalready know how powerful skits are in sharing the positive christian message , whether it be at a church, school or youth group.

“your plays are different to any other plays we have tried at our church and we have received so much great feedback .

you really are quite gifted at writing christian play scripts. I would recommend your plays to anyone.”

putting on a skit is one of the best ways to get people involved while spreading the message for the audience, nothing captures their attention more than a creative storyline . That’s why live performances have so much influence in popular culture.

why not benefit from the story-telling power of christian plays and skits by… “great selection of scripts…easy and clear to follow…humorous in a fantastic christian way…very well written…incredible value

p…read more detail

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