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learn how to make sauces with the confidence of a trained chef, transform everyday meals into new taste sensations and add a dash of creativity to satisfy a hungry palate.

this message was the mantra for professional chef david nelson and cooking website entrepreneur, jules silver. The results of their 50 plus years of combined talent is now available in this new e-cookbook, saucing…the art and essence of fine cooking.

make over 101 delicious easy-too use recipes whether you& 39;re experienced in the kitchen or just beginning.

discover how easy it is to turn everyday ingredients into extraordinary dishes. Create mouth watering food the whole family will enjoy. Forget the fancy recipe names and expensive ingredients. This is where you& 39;ll discover tasty shortcuts to some everyday meals and delicious sauces. Enjoy fresh ingredients and prepared products that when combined can make an everyday cooking experience as simple as 1, 2, 3. With a few variations many of these same recipes can be used over and over for added flavor on a variety of meats, poultry, fish, game, vegetarian dishes as well as desserts and salad dressings.

take a peek at these free sample recipes whether you& 39;re entertaining last minute guests, large gatherings, family, friends or a simple during the week quick-and-easy meal or snack you& 39;ll find this saucing…the art and the essence of fine cooking to be an easy resource for healthy eating and quick saucing ideas.
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