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1200 low-fat healthy recipes for you. Order now and receive your cookbook instantly with thousands recipes for meat, soups, eggs, salads, veggie juices even low carb chocolate surprises designed specially to comply with diets. Most of the ingredients in these recipes can be bought in good health food shops, supermarkets. If you have trouble finding what you need, exchange ingredients using the carb counter provided.

good luck eat or we both starve the healty low-fat recipes book contains: 1) 56 low-fat recipes from around the world 2 )60+ salad recipes 3 )20+ soup recipes 4) 34 veggie juices 5) calories table and other tips which will improve your diet 6) 1000 carb diet recipes try our product it will help you loose weight and be healty.

what is fusion cooking? here are some definitions: fusion cooking is taking the locally available ingredients & adjust it to their ethnic taste. Fusion cooking is a culinary method that integrates various regional cooking styles in order to create innovative new tastes. Fusion cooking is the art of mixing ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into a unique dish of flavour. Fusion cuisine is when you combine particular ethnic cuisines and fuse them into one.

there are many definitions of fusion cooking, but the one that i think describes it best is: fusion cooking is about experimentation. Pushing the boundaries of cooking styles by combining ethnic ingredients and techniques. It s …read more detail

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