Cripple your stage fright

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you are going to learn how to eliminate the fear of … Rejection, boring your audience, the annoying shakes, sweating, dry mouth and loss of breath… That are crushing your dreams of playing your music with confidence now is the time to overcome your fears, take back control of your life… Start living your dream , play on stage with power, prestige and confidence and transform yourself into the entertaining, confident musician that everyone is dying to see

if you re ready to finally get rid of the fears like… Rejection, anxiety, self doubt, and insecurity that are keeping you from true success as a musician…

then this will be the most important letter you will ever read… Okay be honest here. I want to know… … Have you ever practiced a song until you were blue in the face, but once you start playing it for a group of people you stumble over even the easiest parts? … Have you ever played in front of people and your body starts shaking uncontrollably, you start sweating, your mouth becomes extremely dry, you stumble over your words, your face gets red, you forget what you were trying to say or play, and you skip parts you wanted to say and play, but don t realize it until after? … Have you ever felt rejected from a group of people or even friends when you play even though they tell you it was good? … Have you ever had to play for a certain amount of time, but once you started you played everything too fast and ended up having a lot of time left …read more detail

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