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the elimination diet cookbook is choc-full of well over 150 easy to prepare, super simple yet highly nutritious and delicious recipes for vegetarians and vegans who want to follow dax’s amazing elimination diet plan but who are stuck for meal ideas. If you’re one of those people, don’t panic. Dax has put together a great little ‘no fluff’ cookbook that does away with pretentious hype, glossy photographs and ‘artistic’ comments by chefs and gourmets and instead has gotten down to the nuts and bolts of creating meals that are 100% compatible with the elimination diet. If you’re looking for simple instructions on meals that are easy to prepare and taste great you’ll love the elimination diet cookbook. If, on the other hand you prefer glossy photos of stir-fry dishes and the like along with flowery comments like "this dish will remind you of autumn days on your front porch" then you probably want to give the elimination diet cookbook a miss. Don’t say we didn’t warn you : ) the cookbook costs just 17.99gbp and is deliverable in digital download format so allyou have to do to get these 150 recipes is click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a secure payment page where you’ll be asked for your card or paypal details and within 5 minutes you’ll have the book delivered to your inbox in downloadable ebook format so that you can get to enjoying the recipes right away.read more detail

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