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from the desk of: jonathan boettcher special report: how to put the special sauce into your bass playing the first time i ever picked up a bass guitar, a big grin slid instantly across my face i’m sure you can probably relate to that feeling just loving that deep, rich tone of a great sounding bass.

but you know what? that day when i first played the bass, i sucked . Now, to be fair, i already knew how to play guitar fairly well, so i at least knew where the notes were but most of the songs i played ended up sounding remarkably the same.

i honestly remember being surprised that i couldn’t play the bass well, considering i knew how to play guitar already i figured it should be easy as falling off a log

you see, i had no idea what to play other than the root note of the chord shortly after, someone showed me the octave trick , but it wasn’t until i really dug in and started to understand the theory that my bass playing really took off.

in fact, classical music theory is so boring i’d rather watch paint dry in the middle of a snowstorm terms like hemidemisemiquaver and quindicesima bassa just about make my eyes jump out of my head (and yes those are real terms you can look them up if you don’t believe me )

and this is exactly why music theory has gotten such a bad rap: well-meaning but completely misguided music teachers have been teaching people for years all of this arcane theory that only about one-tenth of one percent of t…read more detail

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