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helpful ideas to get your cake business started let our best selling cake business guide show you the steps. Has anyone ever said to you, your baking is so delicious, or your cakes are so beautiful you should go into business ? have you ever taken a cake decorating class and thought, how could i turn this into a career? maybe you’ve been to a wedding, seen and tasted the cake and thought, i can do this perhaps you just enjoy working in the kitchen and want to learn how to start a real home-business.

whatever your reason for choosing cake decorating as a business, this e-book offers the expertise and solutions to the many situations you will encounter as you start your journey as a business owner. Anyone can do this. Even a novice baker. (with hard work )

take all the uncertainty and confusion out of starting a cake or cupcake business. Start a cake business today equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to start and successfully grow a cake bakery anywhere

you may be imagining yourself working at home in a small town or big city. You may be dreaming of being your own boss. With this guide you can follow easy steps to make this a reality.

this guide combines the business start-up knowledge and cake decorating experience of people like you from around the world who have successfully started cake and cupcake businesses. These are their small business secrets, tips and techniques compiled into a single source. The very private keys t…read more detail

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