Event planning blueprint

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if you ve been planning events for free, planning them for other people like your family, your boss, or your friends, and you re tired of not getting paid or not making enough money to take your passion into a career , you ve come to the right place.

because i m about to show you why you re feeling the way you do. You see, you re not set up for success. From the huge amounts of information online, to the expensive courses available at colleges and on the internet, to not knowing where to start or who to talk to get your foot in the door.

the situation you re in today may be the best you ll experience for a long while. Hi, i m melanie woodward, founder of event planning blueprint. I m a driven person. In fact, people are always asking me how to get their business venture started and how i became successful and worked with internationally known and recognized names and brands. But what i m about to tell you in the next few paragraphs may not be what you want to hear.

i m telling you because it s the truth. Sometimes the truth isn t what you want to hear. It can be downright depressing and may even kill your motivation.

our education system is corrupt. Highly recognized schools and programs overwhelm us. Ads saying take this course, take that course, this program is the best or that program is better are all over the internet.

and the worst part is, most of these programs are designed by people who are educators not business owners.

even…read more detail

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