Frosted dreams – the art of beautiful cake decorating

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“frosted dreams is truly a dream book…….” “this ebook not only has all the traditional designs but it also includes some of the most recent and even unheard of and unseen designs. If you are looking for a good cake decoration ebook, look no further. This is the best you can have.”

ben & amy holmes are passionate self-taught amateur cake decorators that specialize in creating beautiful cakes for friends and family. For the first time their combined knowledge is made available to the general public in this easy-to-understand, complete home study ebook entitled….

“frosted dreams – the art of beautiful cake decorating” within the pages of this amazing new ebook you will quickly learn….. . how to create your own stunningly beautiful cakes for all occasions using the same tricks, techniques, and secrets that professional bakeries use …. Saving yourself a small fortune in the process

all of the secrets to using icing, frosting, marzipan, fondant, ganache, and gum paste to decorate elegantly attractive cakes and more.

h ow to create wonderful borders for your cake creations by following the fully illustrated and explained cake borders section that we have laid out for you . 67 incredible borders in all

how to create amazingly realistic floral arrangements and individual flower designs for your cakes. We show you 35 different gorgeous flowers made from frosting and show you how to create each in detail.

how to use figure piping, …read more detail

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