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ppl faq | get it in print | about maoomba | contact how often do you go to work, only to have your schedule change, leaving you with little if any time for lunch? or, you get so engrossed in what you are working on that you only notice you haven t eaten at 3:00 in the afternoon, when you are shaky and just need food now?

* buy a wilted salad with who-knows-what s-in-it dressing from a nearby store? * grab and gorge on sugary snacks from the vending machine or the stale almonds you ve squirreled away for emergencies? * hit a drive-through and wind up with a headache or feeling like a slug the rest of the day? * or, not eat lunch at all ?

wouldn t you rather have a healthy and delicious lunch and snacks to keep you powered throughout the day without spending hours in the kitchen?

paleo power lunch is designed to help you: in other words, paleo power lunch is not just another recipe book. With its easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes, and straightforward shopping, preparation, and lunchbox packing tips, paleo power lunch helps busy individuals, like yourself, stay true to your dietary choices, while supporting your health and fitness goals, your need for filling and nutritious meals, and your desire to spend time out in the world rather than in your kitchen.

you know you love to eat well and that even good-for-you food can be great. So, why not eat well at work, too whether you eat on the go, in your cubicle, or from your home office?

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