Gluten free recipes for kids gluten free recipes for kids

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to: all parent, grandparents, carers and special friends of a child who has a gluten allergy or intolerance.

from: kylie hollonds, mum of a gorgeous gluten free boy. Dear fellow parent or grandparent or carer of a gluten free child, if you are stressed about being able to cater for a child who can not eat any foods that contain gluten…

watch james and i preparing one of our favourite recipes – buttermilk pancakes. Yummmm… Or you are having difficulty planning meals and you need some guidance and ideas on how to cope with this…

… Then this is will be a very important message you will need to read. Big call well here s why… Let me explain as quickly as i can as i know you have a family to feed… Meet my son james, my youngest son. When he was two, day in and day, out he was continually complaining of having stomach problems: pains, cramps and he was generally feeling unwell. When i think back over the last 2 years, i can identify times when he was also seemingly unwell, constipated, always catching the flu, ear infections and the list seemed to go on. We saw our local gp and was given access to the pharmacy to try and settle the never ending symptoms that seemed to raise their ugly head. It was not until we saw a natural therapist and got a food allergy test that we realised that the main culprit in this story was a protein you are now familiar with gluten .

this little protein was now my worst enemy or worst nightmare and if you are here …read more detail

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