Grande cooking!

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v do you panic every afternoon when you realize you need to make dinner again? v maybe you are rushing home from work or picking your children up from practice and you are tempted to swing through the drive-through again.

v but wait you remember that is your old way of life dinner is almost ready in the crock-pot, and all you need to do is throw a salad together and warm up some rolls. You smile and breathe a sigh of relief.

get together with a few friends to laugh and fellowship, all the while making a freezer full of dinners for your family

o more time in your day o fewer dishes to wash at each meal o great tasting and healthy meals for your family o the ability to save a ton of money each month o the chance to minister to others, easily are you interested yet? well, keep reading dreading the dinner hour every evening was not what i had in mind when i signed up for this job of being a wife and mom i knew something had to be done, so i prayed this book is the result of god answering my prayers in a way that was best for my family. Now we have been doing grande cooking for over 5 years

this e-book will give you step by step instructions on how to plan a grande cooking day including: planning for your day and prep work shopping tips, lists, and blank worksheets all about meat prep, freezer bags, pans, and labeling over 30 of our favorite meal recipes free online encouragement, help, questions, and answers as a ministry to ladies i am only charging $…read more detail

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