Healthy recipes for the elderly

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with this recipe book in your arsenal of elder care tools, you create healthy meals for your elder, save you hours and hours of time, and save you hundreds of dollars … Let me show you how…

as caregivers of elderly we aim to have the healthiest parents that we can have. But in this fast food state of mind, which our society has put upon us, the quality of the foods we feed our elderly is suffering from the availability of the fast food restaurants and the amount of time that it takes to prepare a good healthy meal. It seems that more and more people are dependent on eating out, whether it be driving through a fast food restaurant, ordering pizza, chinese delivery, or going out to a sit down restaurant. When it comes to feeding our elderly parents we can fall into this same downward spiral of not having the time to cook a healthy nutritious meal and just feeding them what is easy. As a caregiver you are pulled in so many directions that you don t have the time every day to think of what you can cook for your elder.

i fell into the fast food trap have you? i myself have fallen into the fast food trap with my parents. When my parents first moved to texas i decided that frozen food was the way to go. I would look at all the frozen dinners and look at the sodium content and decide what items they could eat. I picked out the dinners by the amount of sodium per serving and see what was appropriate for them to have on a daily basis. The ladies taking care of my pare…read more detail

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