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who else wants to learn the secrets of opening and operating a very profitable coffee shop? if you do, then you must read this

the problem is most people haven’t been truthful about how much it actually costs to open a coffee shop

the fact is, i opened a coffee shop for less than the price of a new car….in under 6 months and didn’t use a single penny of my own money

are you ready for freedom from someone telling when you have to be at work in the morning? are you ready to actually get paid what you’re worth? are you ready to wake up every morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee?

there are some people within the coffee industry who have not been telling the truth about how much it actually cost to open a coffee shop or open a coffee service business. There are two reasons for this.

he wanted to open the new coffee shop in under 6 months . I knew it would be possible, but we would need to create a system to make sure that we didn’t waste any time. After i told him it could be done it in less than 6 months, he said he had one more “small” requirement. He said it had to be opened for less than $25,000

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