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indian food has become a cultural cuisine of choice around the world. From large cultural centers like london, paris & new york, to the smallest towns in nearly every country around the globe, indian restaurants are booming

and why? because the simple dishes in indian cuisine take little time to prepare, cost little to make, and taste so good

so, when you re craving indian food, you wander down to the local indian restaurant, and spend a near fortune on dinner instead of trying to make it at home.

why? because most people think indian food is hard to make all these strange sounding ingredients like tejpatta and dalchini sound difficult to find, if not expensive.

indian food is far from complicated, and most of the ingredients are easily found in almost any grocery store. Guess what? tejpatta is bayleaf and dalchini? it s cinnamon

all of these complicated-sounding ingredients are simply indian names for things you can either find or make at home

imagine, coming home after a long day at work you re craving a light vegetable curry, but you don t want to spend $30 $40 or even $50 to dine out at your local indian restaurant.

the aroma of your favorite foods fills the kitchen your family comes rushing in to see what you re cooking tonight, and devour the feast with their eyes vegetable curry tandoori murg (you might know it as tandoori chicken. See, it isn t that hard ) the scent of spices fills the room, and everyone can t wait to d…read more detail

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