Jamaica recipes cookbook vol-1

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"you’re about to learn secrets that most people will never know about jamaican dishes …" read and learn…

the tricks of the trade that pros use everyday to make soup , seafood and meats . Rare tips enabling you to prepare culinary delights that can make even the best of the chefs envious.

the super-simple recipes for making incredible rastafarian dishes . (yes you can finally make tasty bob marley ital stew, ital coleslaw, ital soup and banana porridge by your own )

how even a beginner can get started and prepare incredible jamaican dishes almost immediately the secret recipe for making the best-tasting vegetarian dishes on the planet. A book which provides 100% reliable information on all aspects of jamaica dishes, jamaica cooking book, is just a click away.

whether you make jamaican food for pleasure, for your job, or just the occasional one-off for christmas day, the jamaica cooking book can help you with jamaican food ideas, recipes, suppliers, news, and more.

the author of jamaica cooking , ramas n rankin hardly needs any introduction. His culinary expertise is renowned internationally.

some specialists even go to the extent of calling him the walking encyclopedia on jamaican cooking . He has devoted a great deal of his life to study and research of associated issues and also has a vast practical experience. Cooking was his passion and he started cooking at a very young age of nine, learning under the aegis of …read more detail

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