Learn the secrets to good flash & studio lighting | 3
week workshop

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from: scott voelker dear friend, if you’re frustrated trying to figure out how to get good lighting and create professional portraits… Don’t worry, because you’re not alone i was there myself around 12 years ago, who had no idea how to take good pictures . But my wife and i, who is also a photographer had a passion and a desire to learn.

that’s me and my wife lisa lisa put me in charge of figuring out all the technical stuff and basically said… Let me know when it’s ready πŸ™‚ here’s a list of what i had to figure out… 1.what lights and equipment do we need and what to buy? 2.what’s better…umbrellas or softboxes? (or what the heck are they?) 3.what is better continuous lighting or strobes? 4.how to use my flash on the camera to eliminate shadows and get professional shots? 5.how to get professional results using a (1) light set up? 6.how to use a hairlight and should i? 7.how to add more than 1 light? 8.how to use gels? 9.how to create low key and hi-key shots?

this list goes on and on… But, you get the point πŸ™‚ i was frustrated and confused and just kept buying stuff i didn t need hoping it would be the magic bullet. I later found out, that i could have received great results with basic equipment, if i would of had a good teacher. I would go to my local camera store and ask questions and feel like they were annoyed. Then i would ask less questions and try to figure it out on my own…and get frustrated over the years i figured out the hard way how to …read more detail

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