Make cardboard standees and custom cardboard cutouts

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i ve put together an easy to use system that allows you to turn your photographs into life-sized memories, party event centerpieces, and even creative ways to market your business or charity

life-sized cutouts are hugely popular at if you re in charge of planning a special event, you want to create a fun, unique, and exciting experience that will be the talk of everyone who attends for years to come. You want to create memories that ll last a lifetime without breaking the bank. Now you can have your own celebrity guest appearance at any event whether it s johnny depp, angelina jolie, jack nicholson, or even elvis and marilyn monroe

there s no need to head on down to hollywood to bring the hottest stars to your next event – all you need is a home computer, some stationary, a couple very inexpensive tools, a color printer, and an hour of your time. Take your parties from fizzle to sizzle and make a statement at your next event thanks to the endless possibilities that my easy to use software provides.

now you can turn any good quality picture into a life-sized cardboard cutout that looks just like the real thing the almost breathing package provides you with an instructional ebook that guides you on how to turn any picture into a life-sized standup right from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You can and will achieve professional results without the cost and hassle of having one created for you by a printer. Don t spend hundreds of dollars on jus…read more detail

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