Make money bartending

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it’s time to stop hitting your head against a brick wall trying to land a bartending job… How would you like to become a professional bartender making $100… $200… Even $300+ per shift? whether you already bartend, are fresh out of a course, or never mixed a drink in your life… You’re about to discover how to land your dream job making serious cash as a professional bartender.

if you’re sick and tired of pounding the pavement and want to finally put a stop to your endless, mind-numbing search for a quality bartending job, then you want to read every word on this page because what i have to share with you is very important.

who am i to be giving you advice about how to get a top paying bartending job? well first off, you should know that when i started out to become a top bartender, i was exactly where you are right now.

actually — i was quite possibly more disadvantaged than you are right now. My friends were rolling on the floor laughing when i told them i was going to get a bartending job that paid hundreds per night.

and they had every right to since i had absolutely no bartending skills and zero knowledge of drinks – heck, i wasn’t even of legal drinking age.

in fact, my first attempt at bartending failed miserably . As a cocky teenager with no experience, i hit the streets and managed to convince a bar manager to give me a "trial shift". Man-oh-man did i bite off more than i could chew — to make a long story short, it…read more detail

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