Make your own vintage christmas displays – woodworking
pattern – yard art

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are you bored with seeing the same christmas decorations every year? why not bring back the creative decorations and displays of yester-year? whether it’s santa and his reindeer charging across the top of your roof, or a fireplace on the front lawn, flanked by red-flamed candles, an outside decoration gives your home a special and unique holiday look.

use these vintage christmas display directions to make new, unique and eye-catching displays that will delight young and old alike.

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easily enlarge the patterns to almost any size you would like plus – the free bonus items to make your display the best in town these same patterns can be used to make table-top displays, ornaments, gift tags…etc. The possibilities are endless

the satisfaction of making your own, unique christmas displays order now and get started making your “best in town” ch…read more detail

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