Photography 101: a beginner’s guide to digital photography

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beginner photography 101 – beginner guide to digital photography
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if you’re not already comfortable with it, you definitely should learn digital photography now. Digital photography has been absolutely revolutionary. Digital cameras have gone from being an awkward and extremely expensive option to a film camera to essentially replacing film cameras in the marketplace. There’s a good reason for this. For one thing, they have become quite simple and highly affordable. Because they basically run off a small computer, they have amazing features at a low cost.

taking digital pictures opens up endless possibilities. Not only can you share them on cds, but you can send them by e-mail, you can post them on blogs or social media sites such as facebook. There are websites devoted to hosting pictures where people can show off their best photographs.

not only that, but the editing possibilities are endless. I used to do a little darkroom developing, with even the simplest editing programs go way beyond what even a pro could do in the darkroom a decade or two ago. There still a place for photographic prints – hardcopies in the digital world. Digital photography has only made it easier to create prints.

for one thing you can crop, edit and change photos before you print…read more detail

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