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discover how you can lose weight making quick, easy and healthy meals , while spending less time in the kitchen have you ever just wanted to throw in the towel when it comes to your ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight? four years ago, i nearly did. I had struggled with my weight, my entire adult life. Like so many people, i had pretty much tried every diet under the sun over the years and they all worked for a while. Sooner or later though, i’d revert back to my old ways and regained all of the weight back. My darkest hour came post-divorce where my weight shot up to nearly 200 pounds, which meant i was officially considered obese

although i’m smiling in the picture on the left, inside, i felt horrible at this weight and, i really worried that if i did not get this weight issue under control, i would get diabetes or heart disease. My doctor in fact had to have a little heart to heart with me when she noticed how much weight i had put on. I also started to wonder how long my boyfriend would stick around i was not the most fun to be around during this period, feeling self conscious about my body, uncomfortable in my own skin, insecure that he would surely leave me for a younger, skinnier and more energetic woman

i finally figured out that in order to be successful with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, i needed to come up with a simple and balanced eating plan , a plan that would not take over my entire life, a plan that i could easily fit i…read more detail

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