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everything you need to know about cooking quinoa who else wants to know why quinoa will help you radically improve your health and feel on top of the world?

it’s amazing the results you can get when you follow my proven quinoa recipes you probably already know about the fantastic health benefits of quinoa. You may also know that it is one of nature’s miracle foods with a huge range of vitamins and minerals that can literally change your life for the better.

have you got a packet of nutritious and healthy quinoa sitting hidden away on the shelf in your kitchen? you can now open that pack of quinoa and start enjoying cooking delicious and healthy meals. Trust me, you will soon be eating quinoa as part of your staple diet.

with some simple, easy to follow instructions you will discover for yourself just how easy it is to cook and enjoy the super food quinoa.

despite what you might have heard, quinoa is very easy to cook with and there are hundreds of ways to prepare and enjoy quinoa.

up till now there has never been a complete guide to cooking and preparing quinoa. My cookbook fixes this problem and shows you how to cook quinoa.

sure there are different types of recipes dotted all over the internet. A lot of websites have the odd recipe here and there but do not give you a complete guide to a whole range of quinoa recipes.

but now you can have all the information you need about quinoa in one, easy to read recipe book. These are ea…read more detail

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