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welcome to real food university i created this page to help you find some of my favorite and most popular content, as well as help you get acquainted with my cooking and nutrition philosophy.

if you’re looking to improve your cooking skills and create your own cooking style, sign up for the real food 101 cooking course today

all of the real food recipes your taste buds wish you’d cook get weekly food news, thoughts on pertinent food issues, and how do you cook that suggestions. Sign up for the real food revolution newsletter just who do i think i am? i’m a guy that loves to make meals that blow minds from fresh whole foods. I enjoy good wine, good beer, and the darkest chocolate available. I prefer dinner in to dinner out, am always looking for new ideas, and could eat indian food everyday.

a few guiding principles about eating good food that i follow: butter should be smeared thick enough to see teeth marks judicious use of salt is essential to good cooking “more spices” is the answer to most questions of flavor relax

i reject obsessive compulsion over matters concerning diet and think we’d all be better off just learning to cook and eat real food. My basic philosophy is to cook most of the food you eat in your own kitchen and get on with living your life without worrying about diets, counting calories or carbs, or avoiding all of the foods you enjoy.

if you want to know anything else, head over to my about pa…read more detail

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