Sauce recipes, how to make sauces at home

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this electronic cookbook is more than just recipes. You’ll learn the how’s and whys behind making dozens of great sauces at home. Just imagine knowing the sauce making secrets professional chefs use to make delicious sauces for all your favorite meals

– demi-glace – chicken stock – fish stock – vegetable stock – marsala sauce – wild mushroom sauce – port wine sauce – bordelaise sauce – peppercorn (au poivre) sauce – tarragon sauce sauce – chateaubriand sauce – sauce supreme – velout – fish based – shrimp sauce – merlot sauce for veal, beef or venison – cabernet butter sauce for steak – mushroom sauce for steak – peppercorn rosemary sauce for beef – veal marsala – veal saltimbocca – pork loin with demi glace sauce – roasted red pepper sauce for lamb – mustard tarragon beurre sauce – hazelnut cream sauce – orange sauce – seafood sauce for salmon – mustard and white wine sauce – lobster bisque – cabernet sauvignon mushroom soup – cream of wild mushroom soup – beef barley soup – bolgnese-style meat sauce – roasted tomato seafood risotto

– grilled steak – baked fish – sautéed chicken – braised veal – roasted lamb – steamed vegetables – pasta – roasted duck how to make restaurant quality sauces at home ecookbook will show you exactly how easy it is to create wonderful meals using stock reductions from more than gourmet to make soups, sauces, risottos, braises in your own kitchen. With over 75 classic recipes.

this e-cookbook is not just another collectio…read more detail

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