Savory raw dinner recipes and comfort soups combo

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want to get my best recipe books bundled in one package to get the best of both low fat raw and cooked recipes? let’s start with the raw recipes… If you can learn just 7 to 10 dinner recipes that you love, then you will find it easy to stay raw and i ve found that the secret to eating raw is having your own personal collection of delicious, low fat, savory recipes that you can enjoy for dinner.

usually, 7 to 10 recipes that you never get tired of eating are what you need. More variety is appreciated, but i find that i usually go back to these 7 to 10 recipes and then add in a few extras occasionally.

but wait you have to make sure that these recipes meet these criteria: in this collection, you will discover: the recipes are absolutely delicious, yet low in fat. Typical raw food recipes usually fall in one of two categories: the problem with this limited approach is that the simple recipes don t appeal to everybody, while the gourmet recipes are too complicated for every day and not even healthy.

introducing simple and healthy gourmet raw cuisine the recipes presented in this dvd series are not your typical raw recipes. Most of them are absolutely delicious, amazing and stunning recipes. Some of them contain absolutely no fat, while others make a moderate use of nuts and seeds, and some seasonings, so that they taste great

all of the recipes in savory raw dinner recipes are lower in fat than typical raw food recipes. You will find some strict simp…read more detail

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