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what would life be like for you if you could do anything you would like? what if you had more time to spend with your family, and be available when they needed you most? what if you could make enough money to support you and your family, and have the extras in life you’ve been dreaming of (like that new car, and the two week vacation)? what if you could work on a schedule that is convenient for you? what if this dream could become your reality in just a few short months?

if photography has always been a passion for you ; one that you would love to make into a full time career, maybe its time to make that dream a reality. Maybe you’ve been photographing your friends and family for years, and they’ve been telling you to go into the business. Or maybe you’re having a harder and harder time going to that job every day that just doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Why should you work for someone else when you can build something lucrative on your own?

the truth is over 75 percent of people contemplate starting their own business at some point in their life. And of those 75 percent, one in three will actually take the steps necessary to start their own business.

will you be one of them? you see, it takes a special personality to decide to go into business for him or herself. You have to realize that it takes more than a love of what you do. It also takes commitment because a business doesn’t grow by itself. It takes work.

the cold hard facts are most busines…read more detail

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