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dear friend and fellow healthy eater, it’s tough to know what foods to make that will contribute to your health, taste delicious and be ready before you throw your hands up in frustration and order pizza. You’ve just discovered an easy to follow cookbook that makes healthy cooking fast and easy.

more and more doctors are stepping forward and admitting that they have been wrongly advising patients for years it’s not fats and carbs or even meats and cheeses that are causing the onslaught of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancers. It is the constant exposure to foods that aggravate the body.

our bodies are amazing organic machines that can handle cholesterol and fats and even things that irritate our systems, but not if we barrage them relentlessly day after day. If we keep slamming our systems with processed foods and foods that don’t agree with our bodies we are willingly handing over our health, wasting our energy, tossing our vitality out the window and shortening our lifespan. But how do we know what foods irritate our totally unique, individual bodies?

after fifteen years of researching everything from extreme diets for alkalizing, vegetarianism, veganism, and raw foods, to diets that sing the praises of high volumes of animal proteins and whole fat raw dairy in attemps to find out what diet would work best for me, i was very informed but still hungry i flooded my mind with dietary information, but experienced a drought of real…read more detail

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