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my-recipe-book is a revolutionary software program that creates, stores and manages all your favourite recipes in one place… Plus much, much more my-recipe-book is your best friend in the kitchen, the only thing it can’t do is wash your dirty dishes

create, manage and store your favorite recipes store and organise your recipes in the my-recipe-book archive and access any recipe quickly and easily. Create books filled with your own recipes and household hints.

organize grocery lists, menus and kitchen inventory my-recipe-book automatically compiles ingredients from a menu and estimates a grocery list, saving you time and money

access endless recipe ideas, menus, and handy household tips not sure what to cook for dinner? browse through unlimited meal ideas on my-recipe-book no more hunting for recipes written on cards, in scrapbooks, and on cuttings from magazines. You& 39;re only ever a few clicks away from finding the recipe you want with my-recipe-book

share your recipes with friends, family and fellow foodies it& 39;s so easy to share with your friends and family from within my-recipe-book, even if they aren& 39;t users yet email recipes directly from my-recipe-book or share them on your favorite social networking sites.

attach videos, show others how to re-create gourmet meals from restaurant menus, or your famous apple pie friends and family enjoyed last night

import recipes into your archive from other users of my-recipe-book s…read more detail

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