:: the secrets of chinese cooking and selected recipes ::

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here’s just a few of the recipes included: hsiang pien fried rice roast crisp duck spring rolls walnut chicken chili chicken & spinich velvey chicken roast stuffed chicken stuffed mushrooms pineapple & ginger duck red sauce duck gold coin chicken beef saute chow mein egg & beef omelets stuffed green peppers stewed shin of beef sweet and sour pork barbecued ribs shantung cabbage stewed rice flour pork roast shaslick pork bamboo shoots brown sauce mandarin fish shrimp cakes stuffed clams crab omelet smoked fish white sauce fish braised shrimps tientsin cabbage with chestnuts braised chinese vegetables fried green bean sprouts braised frsh mushrooms with chinese cabbage home made pickles melon soup hua ku (mushroom soup) duck soup button mushroom soup almond tea rose petal syrup cake how to make noodles fried noodles steamed shao mai ravioli pancake rolls noodles in chicken soup

stop struggling trying to cook chinese meals the hard way……. "they all laughed when i said i could cook a traditional chinese meal…….but when they sat down to eat the compliments rolled in "

if you’d like to cook gourmet chinese meals (or simple chinese snacks) and amaze your family & friends in the process without paying for expensive lessons or struggling for years; then this long lost gem of a book is right for you.

a little while ago i was in a fix. My wife runs her own business and had arranged for some clients of hers to come for dinner one sat…read more detail

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