Use music like a map, not as a ball and chain

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if you play the piano to some degree and can read simple music to some degree, you are invited to join my "inner circle" . It’s not for pure beginners and it’s not for advanced piano players, but for the 90% who are somewhere in the middle. If you are a mature adult – and by that i don’t mean "old adult" – i mean mature in your personality – not a whiner or complainer or a person who requires hand-holding all the time — and you want to improve your piano playing by digging beneath the surface of a song and learning to arrange songs creatively and put your own stamp of originality on them. Then you are invited to join my group of "duane’s private students" to receive these monthly online lessons at via a password you will be issued after you sign up. Vast musical riches lie under the surface of every song —

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