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here is a collection of our favorite downloadable vegan books. Most of them are recipe books(we love good food). Some, like clean & lean and eating 4 energy, are about achieving optimal weight and health. Enjoy the books

“clean & lean” is a comprehensive, completely vegan, system for losing fat fast, revving up your metabolism and making yourself and the world healthier

you are going to be so thrilled with the fat loss results you get from following this program. By following this program, in addition to losing all the weight you want, you will:

lose all the weight you want create a fit, healthy, vibrant body what could be better than losing weight, getting healthy and protecting the planet all at the same time.

you get to free your self from fat while doing something good for everyone and everything else on the planet.

healthy weight loss that won’t break the bank “clean & lean” is a comprehensive fat-loss system designed by a professional personal trainer and a wellness coach that works.

the clean & lean food and fitness journal with this system of proven strategies and support for maximum fat-loss you will get amazing results— we guarantee it if you follow the program and don’t get great results let us know within 60 days and we will refund you the full purchase price.

an hour with a good professional personal trainer or wellness coach will cost you between $50 and $100. So, you might expect a comprehensive, professionally…read more detail

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