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click here to get the free newsletter that’s where the dilemma begins. If you stray from what you know…how do you know you’ll pick something good?

you could also go with the wine clerk’s recommendation. But how does he know what you like and don’t like? what if he’s trying to push a wine that he desperately needs to get rid of?

shopping for wine can be hassle. With so many labels and so many choices…how do you pick? what if you get it wrong?

and can you really find excellent quality for $10 or less these days? well, there is an answer to this dilemma. In fact, you’ll be happy to know there are currently 44 producers from around the world making lots of excellent wine every single year.

best part? these wines will only set you back $6 to $10. These are wines that, frankly, are under-priced when you consider their quality. And because of their high production volume, they are also very easy to find — regardless of where you live in the u.s.

when you know who these producers are (and which of their wines you should seek), you’ll not only save a bundle…you’ll also shop with confidence.

no longer will you feel intimidated by rack after rack of confusing wine selections. And you’ll never again struggle to find an affordable wine to serve at your next dinner party, birthday bash, family gathering or wedding reception. You can learn all about these 44 producers (…read more detail

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