Wrath of the kitchen king – down home mmo cooking

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arriving from the far north, taking revenge on low cooking skills, both in game and in the real world…

awhile back we released the yummiest ebook around, the tauren chef cookbook. It presented over 60 delicious recipes that let you eat the same foods as your in-game character does

now comes the expansion to the tauren chef… As you know, the world of warcraft has an extensive in-game cooking system. You can create foods that heal, make you happy or sad, improve your abilities, or even feed your entire party

the problem with most wow cooking guides, however, is that they providejust oneway to gain cooking skill and don’t allow for the differences between horde and alliance, or even the different races.

for example, a night elf will have access to different recipes than an orc, and visa versa. Some are available only on the horde side and others are only for the alliance.

wrath of the kitchen king (wotkk) provides a complete guide to leveling your in-game cooking skill, regardless of your faction or race. Options for recipe choices areprovided every step of the way,as well as info onhow to get the recipes, making it easy to take your cooking skill all the way to thelimit (currently level 450.)

now let’s make some of those in-game recipes in the real world of your own kitchen… Arathi basin field rations and expresso it’s time. The raid has begun. You and yourguildare crushing the bosses, but you are stuck with yesterday’s pizza. Col…read more detail

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