1,000 weeks of lotto – what worked, what didn’t …

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do you really know how your lottery works ? discover the game-types that win 8 weeks out of 10 discover the three steps that cut the odds by over 80% – and yet still keep your games “in-the-zone” that wins 2 weeks out of 3

discover “the smart play zones” – eg, 65% of all winners come from just 2 of the 6 ways to combine odds & evens.

discover the game-types you should never play cutting edge knowledge that boosts your lottery results – week after week after week – or it doesn’t cost you a cent

discover why some lottery numbers are better than others – and no, it isn’t what you think specifics ? did you know that, over 20 years, the lowest ball ranged between 1 & 34 – but 80% of all winning games came from 1-10 should you be playing lotto at all without this level of knowledge ?

do you know how to … Play 40% of the posssible combinations – and get … 80% of the results? if not, shouldn’t you know ?

what’s the game-type that comes out almost 1-week-in-two ? shouldn’t you be looking out for this opportunity to slash odds in half when this game-type is overdue ?

why shouldn’t you play the following twelve numbers as a system entry in your lottery: 1 3 6 9 12 15 19 21 24 25 31 35 ? if you don’t know – you can’t afford to be without “1,000 weeks of lotto – what worked, what didn’t.” stop wasting money today

an in-depth analysis of 1,000 lotto games – almost twenty years of results analysed for you this is today’s info for …read more detail

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