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a method or scheme of betting by which a gambler tries to assure himself greater winnings than luck or chance would afford. The art of devising or employing plans the best craps web strategy on the web copyright 2009 trmglobal llc, all rights reserved so, what s the deal? the deal is this. What i am offering to you, the casual, avid or professional gambler is a strategy to win consistently at the most exciting table game in the casino. Not by instructing you how to blindly wager repetitively according to a system that will, most assuredly, guarantee an overall loss over time. Instead, what i am offering is a strategy that will employ a multifaceted plan of attack that will allow you to increase your bankroll at a steady and safe pace. In summation, what it is not is a system to lose – what it is is a strategy to win. And winning is what it s all about. I will provide you with the plan necessary to make your time at the craps table much more profitable.

if you came to my website through a search for craps strategies or something like it, then you have probably found no limit to the number of systems that guarantee winning at this game of chance and luck. The problem, for those who have something to sell, is that they will concede that there is a chance that it won t pan out, but as long as you re playing on a 1 table or a $1 table you can hold your losses to a few hundred dollars. Who wants to be risking that kind of time or money to win a couple bucks? not me, and i su…read more detail

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