Blackjack secrets – blackjack trainer – hit or stand?

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it’s time i finally teach you how to win you will lean to count cards, but more importantly you will learn the secrets of winning at blackjack

i’ve beaten blackjack. It’s not the same game of chance that it was when i started it’s easy now. Sure, it’s a way to make money, but it’s not the same game i started playing over twenty years ago. I’ve won playing blackjack and i’ve lost now i only win. In truth, i’ve always been a good blackjack player. I lost more on my last divorce than i ever did over my twenty-year gambling career and i’ve known how to count cards since i was eleven.

it was just five short years ago, that i learned the secrets that put me over the top. Right after that, that i won more money than i had in probably 10 years before in less than three months. Who would have known that after casually playing with an elderly well-to-do gentleman from manchester, england, i would be given what was virtually a priceless gift . I was having the time of my life while making

very few people know all of what i am going to show you. Sure, some know pieces of this or that, like the basics of card counting, or how to properly play with team mates. But very few people know and apply all of the information you will learn with my system.

so, why have i decided to finally let the secrets of winning blackjack out to everyone? truth be told, i’m pissed that’s right i am mad i’m mad at the fact that the banking industry has practically defrauded ever…read more detail

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