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users ofour e-booksystems cherry pips and cherry lays need to beable to monitor the racingduring the day in order to manually calculate the selections and place their bets a few minutes before the start of each qualifying race. That’s themostimportant time to observeprice changes on a betting exchangeas it’s when the vast majority of money is traded. It’s thereforethebest timeto get a good idea of what the collective opinionof the race outcome is.

“set and forget” or “night before” systems don’ttake into accountcrucial factors that impact on the race outcome such as changes in weather conditions, jockey changes, horse condition & behaviourleading up tothe race etc. These important considerations are reflected in the price fluctuations thatoccur just before the start of each race. For a service that allows you to easilymonitor the uk and irish horse racing market movers,try juststarthere .

we update and publish theresults forour betting systems on a daily basis so our customers can check them quickly and easily. To viewthe results page, please click here

if you don’t have time to be at your computer during the racing, why not sign up for our free horse racing ratings service cherry picks ? onmondays, wednesdays and fridays weemail the ratings to subscribers for free.

to see how our top-rated selections have performed since april 2011, please click here . Juststarthere subscribers can download the ratings in pdf and excel format direct form the w…read more detail

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