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what will i receive with a membership for your nhl picks? throughout the 2013 nhl season i will be releasing 2 unit, 4 unit, and 5 unit picks. The unit size shows the recommended % of bankroll to be risking on each pick (2 unit = 2%, 4 unit = 4%, etc). These will be referred to as 2 star, 4 star, and 5 star picks.

the 2 star picks will be posted at the blog almost daily for everyone to see, but the 4 star and 5 star picks (which are my game of the week and game of the month picks) will be sent to members only.

with a membership you will receive every pick through email. If you don’t sign up for a membership you won’t have access to my higher rated 4 and 5 star picks.

how have you done in past seasons? i’ve only documented my picks online for the public to see for 2 seasons now. I had a lot of success betting on hockey before starting this website, but those picks don’t count towards my records as they weren’t documented online. Over the past two years posting here i’ve profited 17.72 units.

to make that easier to understand, $100 bettors following my picks have profited $1,772. I focus all of my energy into handicapping, and it has paid off. Over two years of providing picks online between nhl, mlb, and nfl i am currently at the time of writing this +77 units. That means $100 bettors following all of my picks are up $7,700. That just shows that i put my time into my picks am a proven winner.

yes, if i don’t show a profit on the 2013 seas…read more detail

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